Projects and Tasks Certification

Projects and Tasks Certification


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Managers complain that Projects and Tasks seldom get completed on time. This course will teach you how to properly scope out the work, get commitments you can count on, make progress visible, and hold your team accountable for getting things done on time.


NOTE - this is not a complex “Project Management Professional (PMP)” qualification that professional project managers would be expected to undertake, rather it teaches everyday managers and team leaders how to scope out and effectively implement a project or business improvement initiative, e.g. the key projects that get chosen at a quarterly planning session.

The course is designed for managers who currently lead a team, or aspiring managers hoping to lead a team soon. CEO’s will also benefit from learning and teaching this proven methodology to all management personnel to ensure strategic projects (and other key business initiatives) are implemented effectively each and every quarter.

Some of the things you will learn include:


  • How to implement a new initiative or introduce new technology 
  • How to overcome the “planning fallacy” and set accurate due dates for projects and tasks 
  • How to make project implementation visible 
  • How to delegate tasks effectively 
  • The “1 thing” that drives strategy execution 
  • How to run project meetings to discuss progress and assign next steps 
  • How to hold people accountable for honoring their commitments 
  • The importance of checklists and recurring tasks for recurring projects 
  • How to build cycles of learning to improve your project implementation ability’s software gives us unique and privileged insights into the day to day operations of thousands of growth firms around the world. Not only do our consultants keep up with the latest research from universities and recognized thought leaders, we also get to see what really works and what doesn’t in the real world over a large number of business cases.

To save you from spending several lifetimes trying to figure it all out for yourself, you can access these powerful (and often counter intuitive) best practices in this course.


2 hours