Metrics that Matter Certification

Metrics that Matter Certification


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This course will teach you how to identify and manage your key metrics; the critical success factors that drive the performance of your organization and functional teams. Clarifying and simplifying performance expectations will enable you to manage your people more effectively.


The course is designed for functional team leaders and members of senior leadership teams who are looking for a best practice methodology to choose, configure and track the right metrics (key performance indicators) for each functional area, and for the overall organization.

Some of the things you will learn include:


  • What is a Metric / KPI? (It’s probably not what you think) 
  • The benefits of having the right metrics 
  • Top 5 marketing metrics 
  • Top 5 sales metrics 
  • Top 5 operations metrics 
  • Top 5 finance metrics 
  • Top 5 customer service metrics 
  • KPIs for roles that are hard to quantify 
  • The dark side of performance measurement 
  • How to set your people up to succeed’s software gives us unique and privileged insights into the day to day operations of thousands of growth firms around the world. Not only do our consultants keep up with the latest research from universities and recognized thought leaders, we also get to see what really works and what doesn’t in the real world over a large number of business cases.

To save you from spending several lifetimes trying to figure it all out for yourself, you can access these powerful (and often counter intuitive) best practices in this course.


2 hours