Strategic Planning Certification

Strategic Planning Certification


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Many leaders are mistaken about what strategy is. This course will teach you a step by step process to make robust strategic decisions and create a strategic plan for your organization in a simple one page format that will provide direction and focus for your team.


This advanced course is designed for members of senior leadership teams (and staff who want to actively participate in the strategic planning process). It will teach you a proven, best-practice process to debate, make decisions, and create your one page strategic plan.


This strategic planning process has been developed incorporating the latest research from universities and recognized thought leaders, and from’s 20 years of practical strategic planning work with thousands of companies around the globe.


Many companies think they have a strategy, but usually all they have done is an exercise in financial goal setting. Goal setting is important, but setting targets is not strategy. Strategy is understanding how your industry is likely to play out, and getting very clear on the key strategic moves your company needs to make to position yourself for success, both now and in the future.


There are 3 main elements to the Strategic Plan: 






1. Vision


Before we create our Strategy we start by getting clear on our Vision. This comprises 3 elements: Who? What? Why?


Who do we need to be? = Core Values

What do we want to achieve? = BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Why do we do this? = Core Purpose


2. Strategy


Now that we have a Vision where we want to get to, we can develop our strategy to get there. This requires us to go through a disciplined strategic thinking process to make wise decisions in each of the following areas.


Where do we focus our efforts? = Geographic focus

Who are our ideal customers? = Target Market Customer Description

What do these customers want? = Target Market Customer’s Greatest Need

How do we deliver value to these customers? = Value Discipline

What do we keep doing / start doing? = Core Activities

What do we stop doing / not get into? = Non-Core Activities

What concept do we want to “own” in the marketplace? = Strategic Position

What benefits do we offer? = Key Benefits

What commitment do we make to our customers? = Brand Promise

What factors will influence our industry in the coming years? = Industry Analysis

What moves do we make to ensure long-term success? = 3 to 5 Year Strategic Moves


3. Execution


Now that we have a Vision of where we want to get to, and a Strategy to get there, we need to take the right actions today in order to effectively Execute our Strategy.


What milestones track the execution of our strategy? = Numerical Targets

What is our current reality? = SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

What actions do we need to take now? = Current Strategic Projects

How do we measure the success of our current operating model? = Metrics (KPIs)    (Note: Metrics are covered in a separate certification program)


This course provides education to help you understand each concept, and a process that teaches you how to think strategically and make robust decisions in each area. 

Your winning strategy starts here!


20 hours